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Home Immigration Law Family Immigration Law Family Immigration Law Lawyer to Represent You in Your Family Immigration Law Matter Many people wish to immigrate to the United States because they have family in the United States. Sometimes citizens want to bring family members who live in different countries to live here. In order to balance the total number of immigrants arriving based on family relationships, there is a complex system in place to calculate family preference visas. Family immigration law matters can be difficult both procedurally and emotionally. You should call dedicated Miami immigration law attorney Lupe Lafont. Understanding how important these cases are, she provides compassionate, knowledgeable service to every client.

Family Immigration Law Matters

In order to assist your family member with immigration, you must be one of the following:

  • Citizen
  • Green card holder
  • An asylee or refugee can apply for a green card if he has been physically present in the United States for at least one year after being granted asylum.

If you are a foreign citizen trying to live permanently in the country, you’ll need an immigrant visa. One way to apply for an immigrant visa is to be sponsored by an immediate relative that is at least age 21 and is either a citizen or a lawful permanent resident.

Family Based Immigrant Visas

There are two categories of family-based immigrant visas. The first is for immediate relatives. These are visas arise out of on a close familial relationship with a United States citizen such as a parent, child, or spouse. The number of visas in this category are not capped. The second category is family preference, which are visas for particular, further removed family relationships with a United States citizen and some specific relationship with a lawful permanent resident. The number of immigrants allowed in this category is restricted each fiscal year.

Filing a Petition for a Family Member as a United States Citizen

If you’re a United States citizen, our Miami attorney can file an immigrant visa petition for your family member if you have any of the following immediate family relationships recognized under the law:

  • Spouse
  • Parent
  • Sibling
  • Son or daughter.

However, as Green Card Holder (Lawful Permanent Resident), you may petition certain family members to emigrate to the United States. You may file a petition for:

  • Your spouse (Husband or Wife)
  • Unmarried Children under 21
  • Unmarried son or daughter of any age

The calculation for the cap on family immigrant applications for lawful permanent residents is determined in a complex way. The number of family-based visas allocated through the preference system doesn’t fall below 226,000.

Green Card Based on Family

Certain family members of citizens and lawful permanent residents can become lawful permanent residents or obtain a green card based on particular family relationships. If you’re the parent, minor child, or spouse of a United States citizen, you can apply for a green card in a family preference immigrant category. These are the family preference immigrant categories:

  • The first preference is for unmarried sons and daughters who are at least 21 of citizens.
  • The second preference is for spouses and children of lawful permanent residents.
  • There is also a second preference for unmarried sons and daughters who are at least 21 of lawful permanent residents.
  • Third preference is for the married daughters and sons of United States citizens.
  • Fourth preference is for brothers and sisters of United States citizens.

You may be able to apply for lawful permanent resident status based on a family preference category while in the country. This process is called adjustment of status.


The child of a parent who is immigrating or adjusting status within the country can immigrate at the same time as the parent. He or she must be eligible for an immigrant visa and green card as a derivative beneficiary of a petition filed for a parent or a lead beneficiary in his or her own right when a petition is filed directly.

Hire Our Compassionate Miami Lawyer for Your Family Immigration Concerns

It can be challenging to go through the process of family immigration alone. There may be a lot riding on your ability to immigrate or to sponsor family. You should call dedicated Miami immigration law attorney Lupe Lafont. Before representing people in immigration matters, she worked in surgical health care and now she transfers the same dedication and compassion to representing those seeking visas, green cards and naturalization. Please contact Ms. Lafont via her online form or at (305) 439-0604.

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During Covid time, my parent's boarding foil expired, leaving them and me in limbo, but I contacted the attorney Lupe Lafont, who handled my case with expertise and diligence. As a result, my parent's boarding foil was successfully reissued, and my family has finally reunited again.

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